1) Plesk 11.5 Overview 2
Paralles Plesk 11.5.x control panel
 2) Customers 11
Add, Delete, Suspened and Active
 3) Domains 2
This is where you view information on all domain names registered in the system.
 4) Subscriptions 71
Customers obtain hosting services from you by subscribing to a hosting plan.
 5) Service Plans 2
This is where you manage your Service Plans
 6) Tools & Utilities 13
This is where you configure and manage system services, and view resource usage statistics.
 7) Profile 1
View and Change the profile Information.
 8) Change Password 1
This is where you change the password you use to access your Panel.
 9) Interface Preferences 1
Change Interface Language, Interface skin, Allow multiple sessions


Plesk 11.5 : How to Login in Plesk
How to Login in Plesk Reseller Account, Please follow the following steps:1) Login to Plesk...